Response to Writing Challenge

33 inches of Adirondack maple with a slightly tan hue that encompasses the handle and barrel of the cylindrical object. At first it appears simple but the craftsmanship extends far beyond the first glance would entail. Coming from a gentle giant of the forrest after it is stripped of all bark and leaves before whittled down to its final usage. After taking subtle form of the final product, the true artistry comes alive. With nearly 800 different variations, each square each represents an embodiment of the creator. Each side that is shaved down represents a certain character of the object that has its benefits and drawbacks. Smooth, sanded, rubbed, or taped are all variations of the handle alone. The grip represents the method of wielding such an object that is evoked by each user. Personal preference takes flight on the unlimited choices that are presented and some even choose a combination or a variation complete unique to all the others. However, this is merely a preference of aesthetics. The utility is built into the barrel and the shaft. Even weighting versus end loaded, thin or bulky shaft, long and thin or short and stout barrel; these are decisions of value. Each decision depends on the strengths of its user, much like that of a sword to its cavalier. Each minute variable weighs into the overall effectiveness of these decisions and often the perfect balance is near impossible to achieve. From one use to the next, there could be a multitude of combinations that would have proved more useful, but each one is as unattainable as the next. The decision has been made and the person is forced to perform the best with the hand that was dealt. Some become fidgety with their choice and decide to deviate from the initial decision rather than mold into the choice that was made. Often they find themselves searching for perfection where it cannot even come close to existing. Shiftiness transcends into apprehension which develops into despair and eventual surrender. However, the ones that succeed in this game of wits and patience are those who are level headed in the mind. These are a rare breed who are able to separate results from emotion from each trial to the next. While it can be easy to find blame for each failure, those who succeed focus on the next opportunity, and strive to achieve the best outcome. In a game where success is a mitigation of failure, one must not balk when faced with hardship or difficulty. Rather, he must constantly thrive in the moment, completely separate from all past successes and failures. Only then can this seemingly banal tool be put to the best use and all possible imperfections are negated by the adapting and conforming to the beneficial and successful traits that exist within the mystical 33 inches of Adirondack maple.


3 thoughts on “Response to Writing Challenge”

  1. I love the way you’ve written this, you had me hooked from the start….and I kept trying to guess just what weapon it might be. You made the whole game feel like some kind of martial art….wonderful, and I’ve never even seen a game, coming as I do from Scotland 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for the praise! I am glad you enjoyed the piece, especially since you are not familiar with baseball. It is encouraging to hear that my writing is reaching more than just a one-dimensional audience.

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