A Memorable Journey through the City of Boston


Repetition can be a truly fickle matter. There are many different contexts where repeated actions prove to be beneficial for the result that is desired. Some of these include studying for a test, training for a race, or even ensuring good behavior from your dog. However, repetition can be counterproductive to the enjoyment of life. Often, I have found that even the slightest deviations in routine provide some of the most memorable experiences. This is a story of one such experience. 


Over the course of my spring break this past week I found myself in the North End with an hour to kill before I was meeting my mother for sushi across the other side of the city. Typically, I travel around Boston using the subway system, affectionately known as “the T”. But on this day I decided to break the chain of repetition and walk across the city, despite temperatures that were colder than comfortable for such a venture. Nevertheless, I felt adventurous and decided to venture out and see what interesting sights I could find. 


Here is a plaque of sorts that I came across while walking by the site of the old city hall for Boston. This happens to be a commemoration for the first public school in America founded in 1635, which I graduated from over 350 years later. This spot where I passed by happened to be the first site of Boston Latin School and the foundation of education in the United States. On the bottom of the plaque, the phrases “labor omnia vincit” and “omnibus opportunitas” are inscribed. These can be translated as “work conquers all” and “opportunity for all.” Throughout the course of my life so far, one of the biggest takeaways was the establishment of a solid work ethic both in and out of the classroom. 


After stopping for a quick coffee break and overhearing a pair of co-workers discussing some local policy issues, I stumbled across this graffiti on a wall that was turned into a piece of urban art. Only through a second glance did I even notice this hidden gem and I may have passed by it any other time if I was walking in a hurry. After initial investigation, this piece was part of an initiative to turn defaced pieces of property into scenes of contemporary art. I am not much of an artistic person to begin with but I could appreciate this piece because of its creativity and realistic setting on the side of a downtown building. Additionally, I believe that this is a much better way to cover up graffiti through using professional artists to create synergies between their own creations and the existing canvas. 


One of the last stops I made was in copley square, which is home to the Boston public library and Trinity Church (pictured above). Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery before I could take a few more pictures of Copley square but this captures one of my favorite buildings in the city. As far as interior architecture goes, it does not get much better than Trinity. The main hall of the building is filled with beautiful stained glass windows along with golden arches and pristine paintings around the ceiling. Across the green, the interior of the Library begins with marble lions watching over historic murals that cover the walls and ceiling of the entrance. It is safe to say that this area is one of the most underrated locations in the city. 

After spending some time in Copley square, I continued on to the restaurant and sat down to have a wonderful dinner of a variety of sushi and sashimi. One thing that I stumbled upon before my journey was done was the scenic view that is pictured at the top of this post. I am not exactly sure which street I was on but I have come to really enjoy looking at this picture of the reflective Hancock building in the foreground with the perennial Prudential tower in the background. Additionally, the combination of the tan building in the reflection and the American flag in front adds another dimension to this image. Without explicitly looking for it, this image was what I was searching for when I decided to take a walk through the city. Even though repetition can be such a difficult cycle to break, the effort devoted to new experiences provides a deeper level of enjoyment that outweighs all consequences throughout the process.  

One thought on “A Memorable Journey through the City of Boston”

  1. I greatly enjoyed this post and the fine photos that go with it. I agree that Copley Square, especially the interior of Trinity Church and the McKim building of the library. I also think that art is a great way to deal with graffiti. Keep up the good walks — there are many others in downtown Boston that reward attention.

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