Daily Challenge: Travel Habits


I am probably the complete opposite type of traveler when compared to most responsible adults. Instead of planning out an itinerary months in advance with detailed travel routes and destinations, I prefer to wing it and take each day at a time. While some may see my lack in planning as a flaw, I think that it makes any trip exponentially more enjoyable. One example of this includes when I visited Ireland this past summer. Other than our airline flights and car service arrangements with a family friend, my mother and I were going to completely wing it. This could not have been a better decision. Among the wonderful and scenic car rides, we visited some of the most breathtaking sights, such as the Cliffs of Moher, Galway Bay, and the Book of Kells at Trinity College. Additionally, I played a round of golf at a traditional Irish country club (with a birdie on a long par 5 I might add). However, one of the most spontaneous moments I remember was playing a par 3 course that was conveniently located on the side of a cliff in a small town on the coast. The winds were gusting upwards of 40 mph and the long cut Irish grass was nearly sideways. Additionally, we had a wonderful view of the ocean and some grazing cows on the side of the course. Thankfully, it was only a par 3 course because I think I might have shot a 200 on a traditional links style course given the conditions. After our shoes were soaked from the rain and our faces were beaten from the wind, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at the local pub accompanied with a few pints of Guinness. Much to our delight, some live music started playing with a traditional violinist, spoon percussionist, and Irish tenor singer. Halfway through their set, a small boy came up to sing one of the most beautiful renditions of the “Fields of Athenry” I have ever heard. A few days later we even saw the fields themselves. Long story short, this was my favorite trip I have ever been on because of the heightened element of spontaneity. Personally, I think the most memorable moments come from the experiences that are not planned out, but rather come with a sense of curiosity and a little stroke of the luck of the Irish.


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